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Welcome to Skin Haven RX, where your journey toward radiant and healthy skin begins.


My name is Regina Honey Hilton, and I'm here to help you get clear skin that glows with inner health and vitality.

I'm a licensed esthetician with over two decades of experience in the world of skincare, having dedicated my life since 2002 to understanding the secrets to a clear, healthy complexion. My passion for skincare took a new turn in 2014 when I opened my own acne clinic, focusing on providing targeted solutions for those struggling with various levels of acne and premature signs of aging.

My personal skincare philosophy is built around the transformative power of oxygen & vitamin skincare therapy—a method perfected through the years to provide clients not just with temporary solutions but with lasting clear skin. At Skin Haven RX, you'll find that each product is carefully dermatologist formulated, many of which are hand-crafted by me. I believe in the efficacy of high-performing, yet soothing ingredients that nurture your skin.

Join the countless clients who have achieved their dreams of clear, youthful skin through our signature therapies and products. Discover the Skin Haven RX difference, and embrace the confidence that comes with impeccable skin care.

owner of skin haven rx esthetician regina hilton
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