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  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
    Yes and there are International shipping options available at checkout. If you do not see an option for your country, send a chat or email and we will see if it can be added or if we can prepare an invoice through PayPal for payment and shipping arrangements.
  • Do you offer a full refund if the products don't work out?
    While many of our clients have used our products for many years & have become loyal to them, we understand that there will be that 3-8% that may not be able to use all of our products. We also know that some will need medical intervention to treat or correct some conditions of the skin. We are here to guide you to other product options if we feel that we can continue to assist you with your skin goals. We will gladly provide a full refund if any product doesn't work for your skin. Most reactions will occur within the first 24hours to 10 days. Discontinue if something abnormal has occured.
  • Will these products break me out?
    While our products are gentle & effective, all skins are unique in their own rights. Here's a few things we recommend to minimize feeling that you could be allergic to something: 1. Be sure to read our ingredients listed for each product 2. Contact us to make sure if you have a certain allergy, so we can make certain that a product does NOT contain an ingredient that you have allergies to 3. Our products will be active and if you have only used OTC (over the counter or in store brand) products, you may experience activity in the ingredients on the skin. This is normal and is not a reaction but an activity to penetrate the ingredients into the skin. 4. PLEASE RETURN any products that you have had an allergic reaction to us immediately for a full refund or exchange.
  • How long before I see results?
    Our clients have commented on seeing results of smoother skin texture, brightness, even toned, & fewer breakouts within days. This is because of our main approach of healing & oxygenating the skin throughout the treatment or correction process. Please note: some skins may experience "purging" (mild or elevated breakouts) in order to push buried debris & bacteria to the surface and out of the skin. This is normal and is an important phase.
  • What skin types are your products for?
    Great question! Having practiced in a private clinic with a growing clientele, Regina Honey's clientele is very diverse and so the products that she offers on Luxe Haven is tailored to meet the needs of all skin types.
  • Can I contact you guys for help with choosing a product?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to send us a chat or email or even DM on our social media pages if you need assistance from our licensed skincare therapist in customizing your skin care regimen.
  • How do I contact you?
    You may click chat on our website during our busines shours of Monday - Friday from 10am CST - 5pm. You may email us at and you can always reply to any of our emails.
  • How can I pause my Subscription?
    You can log into your member area on and click on your plan and choose the option to pause or cancel.
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