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Where to start?

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Since we know that many of you are here in needing of calming & healing your skin, we recommend that you start with our CLEANSERS. All of our cleansers are healing. We also sell an oxygen cleanser which is perfect for active acne since the p.acne bacteria cannot thrive in a well oxygenated environment. 


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NEED TREATMENT? This means that you need a leave on serum with higher penetrating active ingredients such as Retinol, Glycolic, Benzoyl Peroxide, & other peeling acids. 


How to know if you need a treatment? You are currently experiencing active acne, visible lines & wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, & severe redness. We highly recommend using our healing & or oxygenating products alongside use of treatments to prevent common side effects with daily use of treatments alone.


Need OXYGEN? Most all skins NEED oxygen as much as we need it to live. Oxygen is known to be vital to having healthy, youthful & clear skin. We have a few options for oxygen. 

Leave on Oxygen doesn't contain hydrogen peroxide making it safe to wear all day. 

Our rinse off Oxygen mask & cleansers provide a nice bubbly oxygenated result that allow congested skins to breathe, depuffs skin, & awakens the skin to a noticeably healthier appearance.

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